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June 23, 2020

14 Reasons to Consider a Smaller Wedding

As a planner and a bride-to-be, I would be THRILLED if I could just cancel COVID and the havoc it’s wreaking on weddings everywhere. It seems unlikely that I’ll ever achieve that particular goal…So instead I’m forced to think about what we can do despite COVID.

Without a clear timeline for being able to safely host large gatherings again, a lot of couples are reconsidering or delaying their “big wedding” in favor of smaller, intimate events, which are more likely to be allowed for the foreseeable future.

I completely understand the feeling of NOT wanting to give up the wedding you had envisioned with all your family and friends. But I do think as this pandemic drags on, more couples may decide to go with smaller events. (Especially if it becomes a matter of being able to have a wedding at all!)

And honestly, the shift to smaller weddings isn’t necessarily a bad thing! There’s a lot of pros to hosting a more intimate event. (Which is why elopements have become so popular over the past few years.)

A Few Benefits of a Small Wedding

  1. A wedding day that is all about you and your partner – not trying to please 200 other people
  2. A greater sense of intimacy throughout the day
  3. The ability to actually spend time with your partner!
  4. Only having the most important and cherished people in your life present (and actually knowing who all of your guests are…)
  5. Being able to personally interact and have real conversations with each and every guest
  6. Cultivating a sense of connection amongst guests (vs. dividing everyone up by table number) 
  7. Having more of a budget (and time) to incorporate personal and curated details
  8. Creating a truly special experience for you and your guests
  9. Fewer chances of having to deal with unwanted family drama
  10. Saving money on the big ticket reception items (i.e. venue, food, drinks) and splurging on other components that are important to you
  11. More freedom to choose a unique location (when you don’t have to worry about seating hundreds of guests)
  12. Just generally saving some money!
  13. A more relaxed timeline for your wedding day
  14. WAAAAAY less stress for you and your partner throughout the entire process!

But don’t take my word for it…

One bride I spoke with, Amanda, held an intimate ceremony with just her husband on their original May 23rd wedding date. Their ceremony she said, “gave us a chance to celebrate our special day and establish our commitment to each other in a way that was still fun and intimate. It allowed us to celebrate our original date and kick-off our lives together” without “changing our entire plan to fit [COVID’s] timeline.”

“The big wedding is for everybody, but this is just for the two of you.”

Amanda and her husband celebrated their original May 23 wedding date with an intimate ceremony between just the two of them

Wait! There’s more…

All that being said.. Why not have your cake and eat it too? (I am a huge advocate for having cake and eating it too.) Have an intimate wedding (or even just a commitment ceremony) on your ideal date AND have that bigger reception or “sequel wedding” once it’s safer.

A lot of couples truly can’t imagine a wedding without ALL of their family and friends. And that’s okay! If a bigger guest count is something that’s important to you, you still deserve to have that experience! …Just maybe further in the future than you imagined.

Amanda, who 100% recommends the intimate ceremony to other couples, is still having her 250-guest wedding later on.

Honestly, my job as a planner isn’t to tell you what you should or shouldn’t value. I’m here to help figure out how we can still honor what’s important to you (in a realistic and safe way.)

We just don’t know when it will be safe to have big events again. So yes, anyone that’s planning a wedding right now has some really hard decisions to make. But that doesn’t mean we have to completely eliminate the components that are most important to us. It just means getting creative and adjusting our expectations a bit. 

It’s okay to feel sad that this day you’ve been looking forward to for so long may look different  – and take place later – than expected. But don’t let feeling sad define your wedding planning experience. 

The union between you and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is something worth celebrating no matter what. So if the “when’s” and the “how’s” start feeling overwhelming, never lose site of the big picture!

So, what now?

If you are one of the many couples trying to navigate the challenges of planning a wedding right now, I’m happy to offer a free 40 minute strategy session. Together we’ll come up with a realistic action plan you can begin implementing to get you moving forward (and feeling excited again!)

Or if you’re considering hosting a smaller wedding, check out my intimate wedding and elopement services. I’d love to give you and your partner a beautiful and stress-free day that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives!

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