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May 12, 2020

9 Ideas for a Virtual Bachelorette Party

As if the stress of rescheduling a wedding due to COVID-19 wasn’t enough (it was,) we can’t forget about finding a back-up plan for all those other pre-wedding festivities. (THANKS A LOT, COVID.) Bachelorette parties, for instance, have been another sad sacrifice in the name of social distancing and quarantining

Of course in the scheme of things, the bachelorette party is lower on the food chain of important events. But it was also probably something that you and your besties put a lot of time into planning and were genuinely looking forward to. So I firmly believe that the bachelorette party should STILL prevail – even if it looks different than originally planned. 

One trend I’ve been seeing with weddings is couples choosing to get officially married on their original date with plans to gather all their friends for a big reception once it’s safer.

Why not take a similar approach with the bachelorette party? Have a virtual bachelorette celebration now, and then consider getting the group together for an actual night out on the town later on (when there’s actually places you can safely go out to.) While it’s probably not going to beat that trip to Palm Springs, at least you get two fun things to look forward to!

And sure, maybe a virtual bachelorette party sounds kind of lame. But it’s a fun way to honor the occasion and keep some of that wedding-excitement flowing! (Because having to postpone a wedding is a SERIOUS buzzkill.) Plus, there are lots of ways you can create a fun night (virtually.) 

So if you were supposed to be throwing a bachelorette party, but COVID had other plans, then this is the post for you. (If you’re a bride who wouldn’t be opposed to a different type of bachelorette party experience, forward this to your MOH!)

Below are nine ideas for fun games and activities you can do virtually. (A lot of them include a ‘drinking game’ component, but that’s obviously optional! Take whatever liberties you want to make the games fit your group!) And be sure to check out my post on how to host a functional video call, too.

 1. Create a customized trivia game about the bride

There’s so many options to make a fun trivia game about the bride. Maybe throw in some questions about the groom or about them as a couple! You can make the game sweet and clean, or make it raunchy. Whatever floats your boat! (Just make sure the bride is on board with whatever direction you go…)

You could make it multiple choice, “would she rather” style, or just ask guests to write in what they think the answer is. Or make it “pub style” and do a combination!

From a technical standpoint, you can make a trivia game a few different ways. 

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation with all the questions. Then at the ‘party,’ share your screen with everyone as you go through each question. Ask guests to write down their answers and send them to you at the end of the game for “grading.” You can award points based on how many answers they got correct, or the bride can award points for funniest (or worst) responses. 
  • You could also send the trivia questions to guests via Google Survey and have everyone submit their responses ahead of time. This option is probably the easiest one for bigger groups. You’ll have all the responses ahead of time so you can just read out the correct ones on the call, share the funniest answers, pronounce the winners, etc. 
  • Another way to do trivia is by using Kahoot!, which is an online platform that lets you create your own games and quizzes. It’s definitely targeted towards teachers, but they offer a free plan for 10 participants or less. I like this option because you can have participants join the game and play directly from their computers (vs. having to collect everyone’s answers yourself.)

2. Go all out with a “theme” 

If you’re using Zoom for the call, have all the guests update their virtual background to go along with whatever theme you choose. And of course have them dress the part (at least their top halves…) Choose a theme based on the bride’s favorite decade, vacation spot, color, movie, etc. 

Or, another easy idea would be creating a custom Zoom virtual background for all the guests to use in honor of the occasion. (Make the bride her own custom background, obvi.) Canva is a free online design tool that already has a bunch of Zoom background templates you can adapt.

3. Play “Caption That”

If you’ve never heard of this game…well, maybe I made it up. I truly don’t recall where it came from, but I’ve played it with my coworkers before (a very clean version) and had a lot of fun. It’s the perfect game to adopt for a bachelorette party. 

It involves displaying some of the “best” photos of the bride and asking everyone to come up with a caption for that photo. The bride can then award points for the caption(s) she likes best. (Or make it a democracy and have guests vote on the best one.)

Have the bride send you a selection of funny/embarrassing photos. You can also get submissions from guests ahead of time. (But make sure the bride approves them. Bachelorette parties are not about mortifying the VIP, after all.) Once you’ve settled on the 6-8 BEST photos, put them in a PowerPoint presentation (keeping one photo on each slide.) Leave room for a caption from each guest. 

Then at the party, share your screen with everyone. For each photo, have guests send you a caption for that photo (maybe via text, or by privately messaging to you in Zoom.) Put all the captions you’ve received around the photo so everyone can read them. The bride can decide who had the best caption and award them a point. She can also decide who had the worst caption and punish them with a sip of their drink.   

4. Play the Newlywed Game (a classic) 

There’s really nothing special required to play this game virtually, which is great! And you can choose from a few variations of this game.

The game follows the same premise, no matter what variation you choose. Whoever is hosting the game should email a list of questions to the groom (/the bride’s partner) and have them send back their answers before the party. Then at the party, the host will read out each question and the bride has to provide her answers.

The variations you could do are:

Option 1: Prepare a list of questions that apply to them as a couple (i.e. Who made the first move? Who is the better cook?) Get the groom/partner’s responses back before the party. Then, at the party read out each question and get the bride’s answer. If the answers match up, the group has to take a drink. If the answers don’t match up, the bride has to take a drink!

Option 2: Send the groom/partner questions they have to answer about the bride (i.e. Who is her celebrity crush?) At the party, the bride shares the correct answer, then you read out the groom/partner’s response. If the groom/partner was right, no-one has to take a drink. If the groom/partner was wrong, everyone has to take a drink!

Option 3: The host sends out a list of questions to the groom/partner that they answer about themselves (I.e. What is your favorite date night activity?) The bride then has to guess how the groom/partner answered. If the bride guesses correctly, the group takes a drink. If she guesses wrong, she takes a drink.

5. (Still) have that panty party

This popular bachelorette game can certainly still happen virtually. It just requires a bit of additional work by the host. If you haven’t played this one yet, basically all guests purchase a pair of panties (or it could be any lingerie item, if you choose) for the bride and bring them to the party. At the party, the bride opens each pair of panties (which should be un-labeled) and has to guess who purchased each. If she gets it right, the group takes a drink. If she gets it wrong, she takes a drink. 

To make this happen (without a physical party,) just have all guests ship the panties directly to the host. The host can then compile them all into one package and mail it to the bride, or drop them all off at the door. That way, the bride still has no idea who bought which pair. The rest of the game is then played as normal with the bride ‘opening’ each pair on screen.  

6. Create a photo slideshow in the bride’s honor

Have all the guests submit photos of the bride that have a favorite memory or a great story behind them. Then, compile all the photos into a slideshow (using PowerPoint or whatever you prefer.) Share your screen and go through the slideshow. For each photo, have the guest who submitted that photo share the story behind it or why it’s a favorite memory.

7. Play the Bachelorette Bluffing Game 

The idea is loosely based on an old board game where players basically have to make up answers, or “bluffs,” to random trivia questions. The twist is one person has the actual right answer and then everyone votes on which answer they think is correct. 

The bachelorette version follows the same concept, except all the questions relate to the bride, with the bride being the one who of course always knows the correct answer.

To play this at a virtual bachelorette party, email all guests a survey with questions about the bride. (I.e describe the worst first date the bride ever had, or what was the bride’s first impression of the groom?) Guests will fill out the survey (anonymously) and make up an answer to each question (that they think sounds relatively believable.) Once you’ve gotten them back, make a PowerPoint with all the questions and compiled answers (all answers should be anonymous at this point.) 

Then, at the party, you can share your screen with all of the guests. Go through the PowerPoint and display each question with all of the responses you got. Guests then have to vote on which answer they think is the right one (they can either just write it down somewhere or message it to the host.) Guests get a point for getting it right. The bride can also give out points for the funniest or most creative response. 

8. Play Pictionary (But make it dirty. And virtual.)

My group of friends has the same sense of humor as a bunch of 15 year old boys. Unsurprisingly, a game of dirty pictionary would appeal to us. But you know your group of friends best, so obviously you can make it as clean or ‘adult’ as you want! 

To play Pictionary virtually, you’ll first need to divide into teams (like you normally would in pictionary.) Then, you can either use the Whiteboard feature in Zoom, or have the “drawer” pull up the Paint application on their computer and share their screen. 

The host can facilitate the game by privately messaging the “drawer’ what word they have to draw each turn. (Come up with a good list of words ahead of time you can choose from to make it faster.)

9. Make sure to spoil the bride

A virtual bachelorette party is obviously not what any bride dreams of having. It’s just a fun way to make the most of an extremely bleak situation. (The ‘when life gives you lemons’ metaphor is too generous here. It’s more like when life gives you some wrinkly old grapes, you make raisins.) But it does offer another chance to show the bride some love and get a bit of that pre-wedding excitement back!

So no matter what else you do with a bachelorette celebration, make sure the bride gets spoiled! 

The costs of a virtual celebration are going to be extremely low compared to what would normally be spent at a bachelorette party. So I think it’s still fair to ask guests to contribute a small amount (if they’re in a position to do so) to use on a couple treats for the bride.

You could:

  • Drop off the ingredients for her favorite cocktail, or a bottle of champagne at her door
  • Have a fun dessert or cake delivered to her door (maybe an adult-themed cake?) 
  • Prepare a bachelorette care package with some decorations, candy, tiara, sash, shot glass, electrolytes, etc. 
  • Treat her to dinner from her favorite restaurant using a food delivery app 
  • Or use a delivery app to send her a pizza or nachos after she’s had a few drinks

P.S. make it a rule NOT to bring up anything related to COVID!

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