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May 4, 2020

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day (in Quarantine)

Mother’s Day will be looking a smidge different this year for a lot of us who are quartining, social distancing, sheltering in place, yadda yadda. etc. etc. 

Maybe you can’t have a Mother’s Day brunch blowout or take mom to the spa like you normally would. But there’s still ways to be creative to honor that special mama of yours!

So below I’m sharing a few ideas to celebrate your mom (that go beyond just sending her a bouquet of flowers.)

1. *Facilitate* a beautiful brunch 

Assuming you don’t currently live with your mom (unlike me…) the practicalities of giving mom a beautiful brunch are slightly more difficult when social distancing. Hence the word “facilitate.”

But it can still be done!

If you live within driving distance of your mom, you could do a personal brunch delivery and drop off everything that she needs for a beautiful brunch. But for the love of Zeus don’t leave anything she’ll have to cook herself! I’m thinking more along the lines of…

  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A bottle of champagne and mimosa fixings
  • Specialty coffee or tea
  • Pastries from a local bakery 
  • Fresh fruit 
  • A quiche or other breakfast casserole (if you can make sure that it will get taken inside immediately!)

If your dad or a sibling lives at home with your mom, coordinate the delivery with them. They could make sure the breakfast table is all set up when mom comes downstairs. OR, why not have them deliver her breakfast in bed? I’m sure that never gets old.

If you don’t live within driving distance, try coordinating with another family member who does live with your mom to make brunch happen.

Or, use one of the many food delivery apps out there to order fresh pastries and coffee straight to her doorstep. 

2. Create a coffee care package

If coffee is what gets me through the day currently, I can only imagine the magical power coffee will provide if I have children someday. I’m positive that coffee is literally what fuels moms all over the world. 

If your mom is someone who appreciates a good cup of coffee, create a custom care package to create the ultimate coffee experience for her. You could include:

  • A bag (or two) of GOOD coffee (ideally from a local or small coffee roaster.)  
  • Some homemade coffee syrups (idea from a Beautiful Mess.)
  • A fancy new coffee mug. Maybe a Yeti mug, to keep her coffee hot even longer. (I literally use mine every day.)
  • A coffee contraption that she doesn’t currently own, but could take her coffee to the next level. Like a French Press, milk frother, or pour over.

3. Treat her to a fancy dinner (from afar)

The number of food ordering and delivery apps out there has made it much easier to get access to our favorite restaurants, even during quarantine. 

So there’s still a good chance you can get dinner from that fancy restaurant you know your mom will love.

A lot of restaurants have different hours now or limited menus, so try to come up with a list of a few different options and call around to find which ones will be offering take-out or delivery on Mother’s Day. 

Use one of the apps to deliver the food straight to her, or pick-up the food from the restaurant directly and drop it off (or have someone else drop it off) at her door. 

(Make sure to throw in a nice bottle of wine that pairs well with the dinner, while you’re at it.)

4. Bake her something delicious

This really only applies if you live within driving distance of your mom, because you’re probably not going to want to ship a homemade cake to her. 

Let me rephrase:  please do not ship a homemade cake to her. It will end badly. 

But if you DO live within driving distance from her, here’s a few ideas for recipes you can bake (which are relatively easy and don’t require a bunch of crazy ingredients.)

5. Bring the spa to her

If you can’t take your mom to an actual spa, give that woman a spa day from home. 

Create a box full of spa goodies for her (and make sure she gets it by Mother’s Day.) Some ideas to include could be:

  • Face masks
  • Bath salts or bubble bath
  • Deep conditioning hair treatment
  • Body or foot scrub
  • Luxurious bathrobe and slippers
  • *Nice* nail polish
  • A calming candle
  • Essential oil diffuser (and a relaxing oil like lavender or cedarwood)
  • Fancy hand cream or mask (not just Eucerin, people!) to help with all that dang handwashing you know she’s been doing lately
  • Some magazines or other reading materials she can indulge in

You could even schedule a Zoom session and do one of the “spa treatments” together. 

I love the idea of finding local or handmade goods for this box if you can. That way you can support small business while also giving more unique gifts than the brand name stuff at drug stores. 

But if that feels difficult, here’s a couple links from Buzzfeed and Glamour with some specific ideas for “spa-like” products you can get online.

6. Get crafty and make her something 

I have to say, I tend to miss the days when I could bring home an art project for Mother’s Day and call that a gift. My mom was always thrilled (or at least was good at pretending to be) with a homemade work of art crafted in her name. 

Nowadays, I’m not sure she’d want to display anything that I claim to be “art.” But I know she still appreciates the gesture of me taking the time to create something for her. 

So here’s a few ideas for things you can make your mom, that she might actually use or enjoy.

(I don’t really expect you to have a bunch of craft supplies on hand, but hopefully these ideas provide some inspiration. Also, I was excited to learn that Michael’s is doing curbside pick-up orders. So that’s something.)

  • Create a beautiful recipe binder where she can organize her recipes. As an extra touch, you can also preemptively print out and include some of your favorite family recipes.
    • You could go fancy, like this idea (from Crafting Cheerfully) using Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper.
    • Or keep it simple! You’ll just need a binder, page protectors (especially if she’s a messy cook like me…) and access to a printer.
      1. Design a cover page for the front of the binder (or find a template online – there’s tons!) then print it out and stick it in the front cover.
      2. Next, print out any favorite recipes and add to the binder (inside the page protectors).
      3. If you’re feeling ambitious you could also make little tabs to organize different sections. (But, your mom might actually have her own way of organizing.)
      4. This video gives a good visual of the process.
  • If your mom’s more of a recipe card kinda gal, I love this idea for a decorated recipe box (from Club Crafted.) However, this one does require a wee bit more skill.
  • Instead of the usual flower bouquet, build or decorate a planter she can use for herbs, succulents, or other small plants. I loved these ideas:
  • I’m not usually one for kitschy gifts like photo coasters…but I have to say I really liked these personalized coasters (from Beauty and Bedlam.) And you don’t just have to do family photos on these, you could choose any images you want! Maybe her favorite quotes, flowers, travel photos, etc.

7. Host a virtual Mother’s Day celebration

I recently wrote a two-part post on how to host a virtual get-together via video. Check out Part One to learn about the logistical side of hosting a successful virtual party. Part Two offers some ideas for making the video call more than just a video call.

8. Write her a heartfelt card (if all else fails)

If you can’t be with your mom on mother’s day and are having a hard time coming up with the perfect gift, maybe just mail her a card or letter where you actually express how much she means to you. With all of the craziness going on around us, there’s never been a better Mother’s Day to share your gratitude.

(Please don’t be like my fiance, who’s definition of sending a card is getting one from the grocery store and just signing it “From, Kenny.” Not even “Love, Kenny.” Just, “from.”)

You know she’ll appreciate the gesture and she’ll love reading what you wrote. Plus, getting something in the mail is more special than getting a Happy Mother’s Day text with a bunch of heart and flower emojis. (Though still send a text too…I mean, I know my mom loves a fun emoji text.)

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